Breads and Cereals. Part 2


Some of my favorite pastas are Lasagna and fettucini with a slice of cheese or garlic bread. I am a push over for triscuit crackers with a slice of cheese on top, yum:) Do you have any reccommendations to lower my calorie or fat intake?

Here are some nutritional changes to your favorite food choices:
Change to whole wheat pastas, brown rice and 100% whole wheat bread. Aim for reduced fat or fat free changes and use less. There are also some great tasting veggie cheeses. When you have garlic bread- Take some whole wheat bread, drizzle with olive oil and spread crushed fresh garlic on top. Limit portion size to 1 slice!

Crackers should be limited- try whole grain crackers, like flatbreads and reduced fat crackers. Aim for just a serving size which is usually an ounce.

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