Ladies, Women, Brides to Be … You Look Great! Part 1

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So you’re getting married?! Congratulations!! As everything ‘to do’ is buzzing around in your head … I’m sure you’re already worrying about how you will look on your big day! Don’t stress out … here are some hints and tips to keep you organized and looking fabulous.

Do what you need to do and your body will follow.

At this point in my life, many of my girlfriends have already approached the altar and many are on their way. I have witnessed the changes and concerns that my friends go through as they approach the altar and prepare for their weddings. For some strange reason, as the wedding date gets closer, the women become more and more concerned with their bodies. A wedding shouldn’t be a weighty issue, as long as you are well fed, happy and can fit into your dress, what’s there to worry? Your fiancé should not change his mind at the altar because you gained or did not lose a few pounds (providing that he isn’t a complete superficial jerk). If the dress is a little tight, I think the groom would be thrilled; a dress that squeezes a little around the hips or at the bust is much sexier than one that hangs without form.

So, you want to look smashing for your wedding. First of all, in order to look good, it is always a good idea to get enough rest, eat nutritiously and manage your stress in a healthy way. I understand that just getting married and making a major life change can be an enormous stressor in itself, but planning a wedding and making decisions that are appropriate for the in-laws and the bride and groom can cause both unrest and the desire to dig into the ice cream and chips.

A lot of my friends bought their dresses months before the wedding in the autumn and then had difficulties fitting into them because they were busy attending wedding planning parties, showers, and perhaps eating more ice cream than usual in order to succor the anxiety that comes with a major life change and the pressure of pleasing others.

First of all, a wedding can be a great motivator to improve oneself and one’s body. One of my friends who was so not into working out signed up at a gym started an aerobics routine and worked on her back muscles for her low back dress. She looked FABulous for the wedding, has since quit smoking and visits the gym regularly. She has been happily married for about six months now.

Remember that the wedding is a celebration of your union with your fiancé. Try not to get too caught up in impressing your friends and relatives and changing things around just to look good.

If you focus on feeling good by taking care of yourself and making responsible decisions that will sit well with your conscience, the wedding should be a success.

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