Ladies, Women, Brides to Be … You Look Great! Part 2

Women's Health

Ask a friend or relative to be your planning partner. Yes, it is certainly important to pay attention to details, but not to a point where they run you ragged and make you unhealthy. Have someone you know is reliable take care of certain details that might get in the way of more important things.

Watch what you eat. Make sure you say no to that extra cake and ice cream, don’t drink too much alcohol, and don’t act as though you are already married by eating like a queen every single day.

Make sure you get exercise. Perhaps you should take up a new exercise program in order to deal with all the stress and to feel more vibrant and healthy. If you already exercise regularly, do not give it up, you’ll just get more stressed and likely feel bad about yourself to top.

Consider taking dance classes with your fiance. This will help both of you get some of that needed exercise and also prepare you for that important “first dance.”

Sleep. Get enough rest. You need your rest to think clearly, eat healthfully, and to have enough energy for that necessary de-stressing exercise. If looking good on wedding day is very important to you, do not neglect the sleep factor. Sleep also does some of the work for you, it helps your mind to deal with anxiety on a subconscious level so that it does not distract you during the day.

Be conscious of what you eat and make sure that you do eat. Be aware that your mind is going to be on other things and you may reach for foods that you don’t really need to eat. Try to avoid snacking and instead nurture yourself with at least three wholesome meals per day. Some people get so stressed that they don’t eat at all, you don’t want to turn into a skinny ninny whose dress is too big either.

Be happy, you are getting married! You don’t need to be skinny or suddenly lose some pounds before the wedding in order for your fiance to love you …, and who cares about impressing some catty friend with your recently lost weight.

Just take care of yourself, eat nutritiously (no, not Kentucky Fried Chicken and Arby’s everyday), sleep, drink enough water and smile. Your body will follow.

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