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Brand Name Medication And Generic Drug Equivalent


The price for prescription medication is a problem for a lot of people living in America. This is an old problem. The problem is becoming greater as more people lack insurance. Because prescription medications can be so costly, many seek lower cost alternatives to their prescription medications. These prescription drugs should not be considered a luxury. Frequently, people would either die without them or they would lead a life of lesser quality. They choose generic drugs.

Does a Difference Exist?

When you receive a prescription from your physician, have you ever noticed that there are two signature lines at the bottom of the form? One sentence states in small letters under it, “Product Selection Allowed” and the other sentence states something about, “Dispense According to Prescription.”

Basically, this implies, considering which line the doctor put his signature on, the pharmacy or the customer has the option of picking a brand name medication or a lower priced generic medication of the exact drug. Certainly, medicine manufacturers who created and have a patent for the medicine want you to think that the brand name is better than the generic medication. Generic drug manufacturers insist that the two medications are similar in almost every respect.

Which would be correct?

If one compares a brand name medication to its generic drug equivalent, one will find that both contain the same active ingredient, the same dose of the active ingredient and share the same method of administration, intended use, strength, risks and side effects.

The primary difference between the brand name drug and the generic drug price is that the brand name medication is costlier due to the costs the manufacturer incurred due to research, development, testing, and patent costs. The original manufacturer of the drug has rights to sole use of that specific brand name. In fact, for a certain amount of time, that manufacturer is the only one that can sell the medication they developed and tested.

Generic drug companies do not have to invest a lot of money into manufacturing and testing the medication, since they rely on the work done previously by the company that developed the drug. Although the Food and Drug Administration (known as the FDA) stipulates that every drug company have efficacy tests (to be certain that the potent ingredient is appropriately dissolved so it is usable), the initial testing and development research expenses are not necessary for the generic drug business.

Does a Difference Exist?

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