Warming Up for Golf Post 1


The most important piece of your golf equipment is your body. Yet, how much time and attention is paid to this fundamental truth? If you said none, or virtually nil, at least you’re telling the truth.

Fact is you hear your golfing buddies talk about the new Big Bertha or King Cobra they just purchased or this never-fail putter they saw on a late-night TV paid advertisement, but talk about their own physical and/or mental preparation? No way!

In fact, most wouldn’t even be caught dead warming up prior to their round of golf. Their idea of a warm-up is to sprint from their car, while trying to put on their spikes, as the rest of you wait for them on the first tee. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this isn’t going to help your game any, yet for many, this is their approach.

On average, less than one in 10 recreational golfers go through a warm up routine before they hit the ball. At this point, your body is not prepared to play your best golf. No wonder it takes four-plus holes to get going! Lack of physical readiness, which is one of the most important features of a physical warm-up, means you just won’t play well.

The obvious reason for a physical warm-up is to decrease injury.

It is estimated that at least one-third of back injuries suffered in golf occur on the range, not on the course. Most of those are a combination of poor swing mechanics and the lack of physical readiness. A good warm-up also has mental and coordination benefits, which are especially important for golfers. Because you don’t play your best golf every day, a good warm-up puts you in tune with your body.

The following are some warm-up routines you should do prior to playing. Not only will this help your game, but also it also very likely will keep you away from that dreaded injury bug.

Your warm-up should include exercises that force movement in the shoulders, trunk and hips. Any problem areas in your personal physical profile, such as a weak shoulder or back, generally requires more movement at a gentler pace.

Ten-plus minutes of total movement will improve blood flow and increase your flexibility for the round at the same time. Experiment with different exercise combinations and amounts until you discover which routine is most beneficial for your particular needs.

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